Colleen’s Delight reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Colleen's Delight
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B2AB GE~E2|cE~E2 DFGA|Bd~d2 eBdB|AddB A2GA||
Bded ~g3e|dBAB DFGA|(3Bcd ef g2fg|eaag (3efg dc|
Bded ~g3e|dBAB degb|agab g2ed|BedB A2GA||

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Colleen’s Delight

This tune is written especially for bb, and I reckon it would be a good one to learn for the Montana sessions. The other day we were discussing "Mother’s Delight", and bb piped up and said "I *am* my mother’s delight". Colleen is bb’s mother who’s lovely. Could be played as a single or double reel - perhaps best as a single with no repeats. Might go well in a set with "Your Mother’s Little Pet", or "Mama’s Pet"! bb is particularly fond of reels (especially in G or D) that don’t particularly do anything way out or weird, but they have to move a lot and have a bouncy rhythm. They also have to be really compact and satisfying to play on a fiddle, and I think that’s why she likes stuff like Vincent Broderick tunes. So I’ve done my best to write a tune that fits that description. bb, I hope you like it.
All the best,


Gm has written to me with variations for bars 2 and 6 with an E instead of F# in the ascending run, and I’ve decided I like both. Thanks Gm:
Alternative bars 2 & 6: |cE~E2 DEGA|

I also find myself doing variations on the first bar:
|B3A GE~E2| with or without roll on B, and |B2BA GE~E2|
Also with the 2nd last bar of the B part, you could try a roll on the top A or throw in a G#:
|~a3b (3gag ed| or |~a3b (3gfg ed| or |a^gab =g2ed|

…Oh and the 2nd bar of the B part could have that E as well, says Gm:
Thanks again.

Thanks Dow!! You are such a little pet!! You’ll have to play it so I can learn it!

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