A Puppet waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Puppet
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F/!segno!|:"Dmaj7"A2 c2 f>A|"G"B>c B2 -B>F|"Dmaj7"A2 c2 f>A|
"G"B>c B2 -B>F|"D"A2 B2 d2|"F#m7"e2 a2 -a>f|"G"g>f e2 d2|"A7"e2 A4:|
|:"Em"e2 -e>de>f|"Em/D"e2 -e>de>f|"C#m7b5"g2 f2 "G/B"d2|"Asus4"e2 d2 e2|"Dmaj7"f2 e2 "D"d>e|
"Bm7"B4 A>B|"Em7"d2 e2 f2!coda!|1 "A7"A6:|2 "A7"A4 -A>!segno!F|]!coda! "A7"A6|"D"d6|]

Seven comments

A Puppet Waltz

A little thing I composed 24 years ago.

Re: A Puppet Waltz

Note that the title is "A Puppet Waltz", not "A Puppet". The system doesn’t seem to allow me call it that, or maybe I just don’t know how.

Re: A Puppet Waltz

So, this starts and resolves on A. Why is the key D? If you were going to put chords to it, what would the chord progression be? Thanks!

Re: A Puppet Waltz

Well, it doesn’t really resolve on A. The thought is that it’s a bit of a repetitive tune, that goes on as long as you want it to. I’ve added the chords and a coda resolving on D, to get a proper end to it (unless you get bored to bits before you reach it) 🙂.

Re: A Puppet

I also fixed a mistake I’d made by replacing an inaccurate quaver with a crotchet in the 2nd and 4th bar.

Re: A Puppet

A lovely tune which I will learn on mandolin, and make sure my local fiddlers pick it up too. Thanks for posting ‘A Puppet Waltz’. best, JON

Re: A Puppet

Thanks Jon, I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂