Joy To The Person Of My Love reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Joy To The Person Of My Love
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|: B2 FG A3 D | EFGA F3 F | EDCB, C3 C | (B,4 B,4) :|
|: B,CDE F2 Bc | dBcA B2 FG | AFED | E3 E | (D4 D4) :|
|: A2 FD A3 A | BB,DE F3 F | EDCB, C3 C | (B,6 B,6) :|

Three comments

Joy To The Person Of My Love

This isn’t a reel but an old song tune to be played slowly. It is Scottish and was published in William Stirling’s Cantus Partbook, 1639. Words a bit older, around 1625. A beautiful tune.

Re: Joy To The Person Of My Love

Words for the song:-

Joy to the person of my love
Although she me distain.
Fixt are my thoughts and may not move
And yet I love in vain.
Shall I lose the sight of my joy and heart’s delight?
Or shall I cease my sute?
Shall I strive to touch?
Oh, no, it were too much;
She is forbidden fruit.
Oh, woe is me, that ever I did see
The beauty that did me bewitch.
Yet, our alace! I must forgo that face
The tresour I esteem’d so much.

A thousand good fortuns fall to her share
Although she hath rejected me
And fill’d my sad heart full of despaire
Yet ever shall I constant be.
For she is the Dame that my tongue shall ever name
Fair branch of modestie.
Choise of heart and mind,
Oh, were she half so kind
Then would she pitie me.
Sweet, turn at last, be kind as thou art chast
And let me in thy bosom dwell.
Then shall we gain the pleasur of love’s pain.
Till then, my deirest deir, farewell.

Re: Joy To The Person Of My Love

This old scottish song is delightful but does not work too well as a dance tune. Very courtly, wld suggest comes from Edinburgh.