Big Country reel

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Big Country
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
c2BG B4-|B6GB|c2cB G2FE|G2FE C2-|C6B,C|
E2EF G2AG|F2ED E4 -|1 E6B,C:|2 E8||
|:Ge3 Gd3|Gc3 EB3|Ge3 Gd3|Gc3 Bg3|
Ge3 Gd3|Gc3 EB2 C/D/|E2ED2E2G -|G8:|
X: 2
T: Big Country
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
B,C|:E2 EF G2 FE|G2 FE "A"CE3|z6 B,C|"E"E2 EF G2 GB|c2 BG "Abm"B4|
z6 GB|"Dbm"c2 cB "E"G2 FE|"E"G2 z2 FE "A"CE|z6 B,C|"E"E2 EF G2 AG|
[1 "B7"F2 ED "E"E4|"E"z6 B,C:|2 "B7"F2 ED "E"E4|"E"z8||
|:G"Dbm"e3 G"Abm"d3|E"A"c3 E"E"B3|G"Dbm"e3 G"Abm"d3|E"A"c3 B"E"g3|
G"Dbm"e3 G"Abm"d3|1 E"A"c3 d"E"B2C/D/|"Dbm"E2 E"Abm"D2E2"A"G|
"A"z8:|2 E"A"c3 d"E"B2G|"Dbm"E2 E"Abm"D2E2"A"G|z6 B,C|"E"E8|
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Re: Big Country

Good enough for me! Thanks for sharing!

Big Country, X:2

Few ornamentation notes added plus chords line.
Structure have been changed a little bit to stick as well as possible to the YouTube version.

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Re: Big Country

You may want to change Dbm and Abm to C#m and G#m (and add an E to the first bar).