Sir Archibald Dunbar strathspey

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sir Archibald Dunbar
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|D2F>D G>EC>E|D/D/D/D/ F>D A>DF>D|
A<DF>D G>EC>E|D>d A>F D2(3AB^c|
d>AF<A G>EC>E|D/D/D/D/ F>D A>DF>D|
d2f>d g>ec>e|d/d/d/d/ f>d a>df>d|
e>de>f g>a(3gfe|d<BA>F F<AA<B|
d2f>d g>e^c>A|d/d/d/d/ f>d a>df>d|
e>de>f g>a(3gfe|d<BA>F F<A(3AB^c|

One comment

Sir Archibald Dunbar

I’m a bit surprised this isn’t already here. I know nothing about this strathspey (no mention of it by Andrew Kuntz, for example), except that it is fairly popular in Cape Breton and is an absolute joy to play. This is typically taken at a moderate to fast tempo (for strathspeys). Each part has some variations which I’ve noted here in the transcription. Often, when starting the tune the second time through, fiddlers will use the second variation of the first part ((3ABc|d>AF<A G>EC>E|), etc., instead of the beginning phrase (D2F>D G>EC>E|). It works better when coming off that long A at the end of the second part. My transcription is not from one source, but is an amalgam of recordings by various fiddlers.