Three recordings of
The Gladstone
The Laird O’ Thrums

The Gladstone (reel) is also known as A.a. Gladstone, Gladstane, Gladstone’s, W. E. Gladstone (Edinburgh).

The Laird O’ Thrums (strathspey) is also known as Frank Cassidy’s, Frank Cassidy’s Highland Fling, Highlands, Laird O’Thrums, The Laird O’Thrums, Laird Of Thrums, The Laird Of Thrums.

rappel by Maxim Bergeron, Gilles Losier

  1. Laird O’Thrums
  2. Gavin MacMullin
  3. Laird O’Drumblair
  4. Gladstone’s

Strathspey Queens by Alice Allen & Patsy Reid

  1. The Laird O’ Thrums
  2. Gavin McMillan
  3. The Laird O’ Drumblair
  4. Gladstone

The Strathspey King by James Scott Skinner

  1. The Laird Of Thrums
  2. Gavin M’Millan
  3. The Laird Of Drumblair
  4. Gladstone’s