One recording of a tune named
Snug In The Blanket
With a tune named
Tommy Peoples’

Snug In The Blanket (jig) is also known as Caileach A Shúsa, Cailleach A Shúsa, Cailleach A’Shúsa, Calloch A Theusa, Collough A Thusa, Hag In The Blanket, Snug In A Blanket.

Tommy Peoples’ (reel) is also known as Jenny Nettle’s Fancy, Jenny Nettles’ Fancy, Jenny’s Fancy, The Merry Bachelor, Paul Montague’s, Tim Dillon’s, Tommy People’s, Tommy Peoples.

Three Mile Stone by Three Mile Stone

  1. Snug In The Blanket
  2. La Gigue à Médée
  3. Tommy Peoples’