Barn Dance barndance

Also known as Highland Fling, Highland Schottische.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Barn Dance
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A>F|:D2 d>A F2 A>F|G2 g2- g2 e>g|f>ad>f e>gc>e|1 d2 d>c d>A (3GFE:|2 d2 (3edc d2||
A>c|e2 c>e g2 e>g|f>ad>f e2 (3ABc|(3efe c>e (3gag (3efg|f<ad>f e2 A>F|
D2 d>A F2 (3AGF|G2 g2- g2 (3efg|f<ad>f e<gc>e|d2 (3ddc d2||
X: 2
T: Barn Dance
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:D2 d>A F2 A>F|G2 g2- g2 e>g|f>ad>f e>gc>e|d2 d>d d4:|
e2 c>e g2 e>g|f>ad>f e2 A>c|e2 c>e g2 e>g|f>ad>f e2 A>F|
D2 d>A F2 A>F|G2 g2- g2 e>g|f>ad>f e>gc>e|d2 d>d d4||

Five comments

“Barn Dance” / “Barndance” / “Highland Schottische” / “Highland Fling”

This one was found in a book of transcriptions, this one, a lovely source of melody and information courtesy of the work and diligence of one Andy Hornby ~ respect!:

“The Winders of Wyresdale”, edited and annotated by Andy Hornby, 2013
This tune is found on page 102, tune #235,
in the section “2/4 Country Dances” - pages 94 - 134 / tunes #204 - 367

There are other related tunes in the collection including versions of old shoes like “Green Grow the Rushes” (#223) and “Moneymusk” (#219). Not unusual for the time they are notated as 2/4 (similarly for reels, strathspeys, hornpipes, polkas, rants, etc…). Also not unusual, including in Ireland among ‘younger’ musicians a generation or more removed from the related dance tradition, they can be found referred to or listed as a ‘barn dance’/‘barndance’…

X: 2 “Barn Dance”

Simplified, minus the lead-in notes and triplet options and variations given above. There is a different but similar take in the book, one that includes the lead-ins given in the first transcription (some of the fun I’ve had with this melody):

|: A>F | ~ | d2 d>d d2 :| - - - & - - - A>c | ~ | d2 d>d d2 |]

This is one of the few tunes that didn’t have a note included in the section:
“Notes on Tune Sources”, pages 225 - 271…

Re: Barn Dance

It has the feeling of a Military March to me ( There are quite a lot in the manuscripts) . This is from James Winder’s book so I call it James Winders Barn Dance!
I started a Facebook page to share (occasional) interesting and relevant snippets.

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