Two recordings of
The Humours Of Scarriff
Castle Kelly

The Humours Of Scarriff (reel) is also known as The Cooraclare, The Humors Of Scarriff, The Humours Of Scariff, The Humours Of Scarrif.

Castle Kelly (reel) is also known as Caisleán Uí Cheallaigh, Castle Kelly’s, Castlekelly, Jimmy’s Folly, Kelly’s Castle.

Mick Mulcahy & Cairde by Mick Mulcahy & Cairde

  1. Castlekelly
  2. Sporting Nell
  3. The Cooraclare

Over The Moor To Maggie by Oisin

  1. The Boyne Hunt
  2. Castle Kelly
  3. The Humours Of Scariff