Two recordings of
The New Custom House
Sporting Paddy

The New Custom House (reel) is also known as The Custom House, Kelly’s No.3, The New Customs House, Paddy Kelly’s.

Sporting Paddy (reel) is also known as Castle Guillou, The Cranley, Irish Pat, John Doherty’s, The Maid In The Apple Tree, Padai Sportmhar, Paddy Flaithiúil, Pádraic Spóirtiúil, Sportin’ Paddy, The Sporting Paddy, Sporting Paddy’s, Sporting Pat.

Fairy Tales by Skip McKinley

  1. Sporting Paddy
  2. Call And The Answer
  3. New Custom House

Wait for Me by O'Malley's March

  1. Sportin’ Paddy
  2. The Custom House
  3. The Bloom Of Youth