Cork Hill jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Cork Hill
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:{g}A{d}A{e}A {g}e2 f|{g}ec{G}c {g}e2 f|{g}A{d}A{e}A {g}e2 f|{g}ec{G}c cc B|
{g}A{d}A{e}A {g}e2 f|{g}ec{G}c {g}e2 f|{g}A{d}A{e}A d2 f|{g}ec{G}c cc B:|
|:{g}Ace aec|aec aec|{g}Ace aec|aec cc B|
{g}Ace aec|aec aec|{g}A{d}A{e}A d2 f|{g}ec{G}c cc B:|
|:{g}A{G}{G}A2 {g}ec{G}c|{g}fd{c}d ec{G}c|{g}A{G}{G}A2 {g}ec{G}c|ec{G}c cc B|
{g}A{G}{G}A2 {g}ec{G}c|{g}fd{c}d ec{G}c|{g}A{G}{G}A2 d2 f|ec{G}c cc B:|
|:{g}A{d}A{e}A ac{G}c|{g}ec{G}c ac{G}c|{g}A{d}A{e}A ac{G}c|{g}ec{G}c cc B|
{g}A{d}A{e}A ac{G}c|{g}ec{G}c ac{G}c|:{g}A{d}A{e}A d2 f|{g}ec{G}c cc B:|
# Added by Paddy .
X: 2
T: Cork Hill
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:AAA e2f|ecc e2f|AAA e2f|ecc c2B|
AAA e2f|ecc e2f|AAA d2f|ecc c2B:|
|:Ace aec|aec aec|Ace aec|aec c2B|
Ace aec|aec aec|AAA d2f|ecc c2B:|
|:AAA ecc|fdd ecc|AAA ecc|ecc c2B|
AAA ecc|fdd ecc|AAA d2f|ecc c2B:|
|:AAA acc|ecc acc|AAA acc|ecc c2B|
AAA acc|ecc acc|AAA d2f|ecc c2B:|

Five comments

Cork Hill

This is a Scottish pipe tune, so I attempted to recreate bagpipe embellishments as best I could, though some were left out. All the three 1/8 note phrases( {g}A{d}A{e}A {g}e2 f for example) should be played held-cut-normal length. This is an excellent tune that goes well with “Paddy’s Leather Breeches” and “The Connaughtman’s Rambles.”

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I realized when I tried to play this on the whistle, that some of the embellishments are almost impossible except on the pipes, but the first phrase (AAA) can be played with “B” gracenotes and rollings.

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i really like this song, but how the heck can people play it perfectly like how it sounds on the midi file?

For an_all_irish_girl (and me, too!)