Larry Redican’s jig

Also known as Mary Shore, The Mouse In The Church.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Larry Redican's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
C|:~F3 GFD|CFA cag|fdc dcA|
cAF .G2 C|~F3 GFD|A,CF Acf|
dcA cAF|1 GFD .F2C:|2 GFD FAc||
~f3 edc|def cAF|CFA CFA|
cAF GAc|fgf edc|def cAF|
~B3 .G2 B|AFF FAc|fgf edc|
def cAF|CFA CFA|cAF GAc|
~f3 ~g3|afd cAG|AFD CFA|GFE .F2 C||

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Larry Redican’s

A big debt of gratitude goes out to fellow member Paul Ballantyne, whose interwebs sleuthing led to the discovery of this fine tune. I had posted a different jig about 8 years ago, under the title "Nancy’s"
It was transcribed by me from a Comhaltas Archive recording of New York fiddler Larry Redican, which gave only the title and the player, but not much else. I couldn’t even be 100% sure whether it was a composition of the man himself, other than it was written in the very uncommon key of F, which is fairly well known as one of Larry Redican’s favorite keys to write tunes in. No one seemed to have any additional information- until this week! Paul posted the following YouTube clip, which introduces the tunes as "Nancy Harling’s Jig" (the same tune I had posted as "Nancy’s") and "Larry Redican’s Jig" which is the tune I’m posting here now. The fiddler is identified as Larry Redican, and the video features a slideshow of what appear to be personal photos of the Redican family & some of their friends Sean and Nancy Harling. Here is a link to the clip:


Re: Larry Redican’s

Actually bears little resemblance to the "Rose" at all, I’m afraid. BUT! I apparently owe you a debt of gratitude AGAIN; it might not be a version of "Rose in the Heather", but it DOES have all the "bits" of another fine traditional jig: "Donnybrook Fair" (also well-known by its other title, "The Joy of My Life"). Great catch, Paul- even if you were "off by a tune"!

Re: Larry Redican’s

Even better catch- thanks Stiamh. Guess it’s up to Jeremy as to whether to leave it be, or to just put it as a new setting under the existing tune.