O Come, O Come Immanuel polka

Also known as O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

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One setting

X: 1
T: O Come, O Come Immanuel
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
E |GB BB | Ac BA | GA BG | EG AF |ED E2 |
AA EE | F G2 F |E D3 | GA BB | BA cB | A G2 ||
d d2 z | B B2 z | BA cB | A G2 A |BG EG | AF ED | E4 |]

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O Come, O Come Immanuel

This is a plainchant melody from France (15th century), the setting for "Veni Emmanuel" based on old Advent Antiphons which have been translated from Latin. Original tune usually runs without a time sig. or bar lines so I adapted into 2/4 time (hope it works!). I really love this tune - though not liked by all - and am sure it would be lovely on a melody instrument eg flute, fiddle. Very suitable for this time of year.

2nd part of the tune is the refrain "Rejoice, rejoice, Immanuel shall come to you, O Israel.

5th verse : "O come, O Day-spring, come and cheer
our spirits by your advent here;
disperse the gloomy clouds of night
and death’s dark shadows put to flight.

Re: O Come, O Come Immanuel

2nd thoughts : I DON’T recommend chords, not as they sound on midi. It is plainchant, prob. melody alone better. And slowing it up would make the tune clearer.

Re: O Come, O Come Immanuel

Chords taken out.

Re: O Come, O Come Immanuel

It’s a tricky one to score, and different people sing or play or score it differently, and often sing it in very free time, as you have said. The main drawback is that the key words which should be in certain positions will fall out of place in your 2/4 bars, especially the further you go on through the score. And the "Rejoice" should have the "joice" bit as first note of the bar with "re" as a lead note.
However, the way I learned it is much as in this score here in 4/4, though I would, as you have done, shorten bars 3 and 14 in this Hymnary version: i.e. make those bars only 2/4 with just 2 crotchets (swap those dotted minims for crotchets so that it all runs straight on): then it would be as I have always sung it. (And it is a favourite of mine!)

Re: O Come, O Come Immanuel

Thank you very much Trish. I thought about the refrain "Rejoice, rejoice" : for me the stress should come on 2nd note "-joice" and I could have put accent marks on ‘joice’ (twice). Otherwise your suggestions make a lot of sense. Glad you like this tune too!

Re: O Come, O Come Immanuel

Used to sing it at school, but not saying how many years ago that was!!