The Jolly Tinker reel

Also known as The Hen And Her Clutch, Round The World.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The Jolly Tinker
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A3B G3B|A2af gedB|A2BA G3B|dBGB d^cdB|
A^GAB =G3B|A2af gedB|A2BA GFGB|dBGB d2 Bg||
edef g2ef|geag {a}gedg|edeg a2e(a|~a2)bg aged|
(3B^cd ef g2e(g|~g2)af gedg|edeg a2e(a|~a2)bg aged||
ea{b}ag egdg|ea{b}ag egdg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 Bd|
e ~a3 e ~a3|e ~a3 egdg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 Bd||
edgd edBd|edgd e2 (3Bcd|edgd eg{a}ge|dBGB d2 Bd|
edgd edBd|edgd e2 (3Bcd|edef gfge|dBGB dgfg||
eA (3AAA edBd|edef g2fg|e ~A3 efge|dBGB d2 Bd|
eA (3AAA edBd|edef g2fg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 dB||
# Added by Jamie .
X: 2
T: The Jolly Tinker
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A3B G3B|A2af gedB|A2BA G3B|dBGB d^cdB|
A^GAB =G3B|A2af gedB|A2BA GFGB|dBGB d2 (3Bcd||
edef g2ef|geag {a}gedg|edeg a2 e(a|a2)bg aged|
(3B^cd ef g2e(g|g2)af gedg|edeg a2e(a|a2)bg aged||
ea{b}ag egdg|ea{b}ag egdg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 (3Bcd|
ea a2 ea a2|ea a2 egdg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 (3Bcd||
edgd ed (3Bcd|edgd e2 (3Bcd|edgd eg{a}ge|dBGB d2 (3Bcd|
edgd ed (3Bcd|edgd e2 (3Bcd|edef gfge|dBGB dgfg||
eA A2 ed (3Bcd|edef g2fg|eA3 efge|dBGB d2 (3Bcd|
eA A2 ed (3Bcd|edef g2fg|ea{b}ag efge|dBGB d2 dB||
# Added by JACKB .
X: 3
T: The Jolly Tinker
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:~E3F D3F|E2ec dBAF|~E3F D3F|1 AFDF ABAF:|2 AFDF A2FA||
BABc dABc|dfec dcBA|BABd e2Be|egfd edBA|
FABc dABc|dfec dcBA|BABd e2Be|egfd edBA||
Beed BAFA|Beed Bc/B/ A2|Beed BcdB|AFDF A2FA|
Beed Beed|Beed Bc/B/ A2|Beed BcdB|AFDF A2FA||
B~E3 BAFA|BABc d2cd|Beed BcdB|AFDF A3F||

Seventeen comments

The Jolly Tinker

This is a really great tune which I haven’t ever heard much in sessions. This version comes from the final set (after Lucy Campbell) from Kevin Burke In Concert which he plays as a duet with Martin Hayes. It is a really driving and forceful tune which is great fun to play. There is a two part version of this tune in Ryan’s Mammoth Collection and the full five part version in O’Neills Dance Music of Ireland.

It is related to a tune called the Hen and Her Clutch which comes from Ceol Rince na hEireann and sometimes the titles get mixed up. What’s more this tune seems to share in the incestuous relationship between the tinkers yellow and drunken, but is definitely a tune in its own right.

Hope you enjoy it.

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It also seems to be a popular tune amongst sligo fiddlers.

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It’s not an uncommon tune in Sydney sessions.

Jolly Tinker

Mick Ward used to play it all the time , Jamie. Ask him next Thursday - you’ll not hear it played much better.. I’ll be in touch soon.

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Jolly Tinker

Will ask Mike on thursday if I go.

> You’ll not hear it played much better.

I’m beginning to think that about many of the tunes he plays, especially reels. Having started to get my ear into some of the better fiddlers out there, I still haven’t heard any who can top Mike playing some of his favourite reels - College Groves, Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie, Splendid Isolation and I can just imagine the way he plays this tune. I’m not coming that far out of leftfield with that view am I?

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This is a fairly common tune throughout the ITM world…

Jolly Tinker

Mike played it great on Thursday (a bit too fast for me though)! I’ve started playing it after the Mullingar Races, but what other tunes does this go well with?

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The jolly tinkler reel did eddie whealen play dis on you tube

is this the tune that eddie whealen is
playing on you tube

do you tink tis would b a good tune to play on te tin whistle in te connacht fleadh????=)

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Gooooooooooooood tuuneeeE


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Jolly Tinker vs Mystery Reel

This tune is going to mess with my like crazy in sessions, as the beginning is so similar to the Mystery reel.

JACKB - 1000th tune setting!

That’s some achievement, JackB!