The One After strathspey

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One setting

X: 1
T: The One After
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:A2B>A e>AB>A|G>AB>c d<Bg>B|A2B>A e>Ac>e|1 (3f^ga e>d c>ae>c:|2 (3f^ga e>d c>AA>^G||
A>a^g<a e>ac>A|B>=gf<g B>AG>B|A>a^g<a e>ac>e|(3f^ga e>d c>AA>^G|
A>a^g<a e>ac>A|B=gf<g B>AG>B|A2B>A e>Ac>e|(3f^ga e>d c>ae>c|

Three comments

The One After

This is a Donegal highland for which I had no name until I found it as “The One After” on the late James Byrne’s album “The Beirneach”. I have no clue whence the name comes, or if it was just made up for the album. However, the album has enough tunes labeled “Gan Ainm” to make me wonder. When it is recorded, it’s usually called “Gan Ainm” or “Untitled [Highland]”. It’s an obvious relative of the “Miss Stewart of Grantully” tune family, along with “The Flail” (a Cape Breton reel), “Green Groves of Erin”, and possibly even “The Low Highland”. I transcribed it from an amalgam of sources, including James Byrne, Con Cassidy, and Derek McGinley and Tara Connaghan.

Re: The One After

If most Gs are G#, surely this is in A Major rather than A mixolydian?

Re: The One After

The G#s are passing notes but the G naturals in the second bar of each part are strong enough to make this mixolydian rather than major.