Two recordings of
The Scartaglen
The Little Diamond

The Scartaglen (polka) is also known as Din Tarrant’s, Din Tarrant’s No. 4, The Glen Cotage Polka No. 1, The Glen Cottage Polka No. 1, The Humours Of Ballydesmond, Kitty Wants A Soldier, Knocknaboul No. 1, The Knocknaboul No. 1, Knocknaboul No.1, Knocknaboul Polkas, Knocknaboul Polkas No. 1, The Knocknaboul Polkas No. 1, The Knocknaboul Polkas, The Knocknaboul, Knocknabower, The Knocknabower # 1, The Knocknabower Polka # 1, Knocknabower Polkas, Knocknabower Polkas No. 1, The Knocknabower, The Little Green Cottage, Polca Chnoc Na bPoll, The Trooper And The Maid.

The Little Diamond (polka) is also known as The Girl From Lettermore, The Littler Diamond, Magic Slipper, Strathnairn.

Tea for Tunes by Hannah Harris

  1. The Glen Cottage Polka No. 1
  2. Cutting Bracken
  3. Little Diamond

The Great Southern Ocean by Laura Flanagan

  1. The Little Diamond
  2. The Humours Of Ballydesmond
  3. The Top Of Maol