Tansey’s Fancy jig

Also known as Corcoran’s, Seamus Tansey’s, Tansey’s Favourite.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tansey's Fancy
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G2A|B3A3|BdB BAG|~B3 dcB|ABA DFA|
|:G2d|dcB gdB|GBd gdB|c2c ecA|GBd gdc|
~B3 ABA|GBd gdB|~A3 cBA|GFA:|

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Bride’s Favorite

Source: Steeleye Span - "Below the Salt"
Transcription: g.m.p.

probably the first jig I learnt ( on my first plastic recorder )

A great tune

the first tune i learned on a mandolin and then tried to figure it out on fiddle way back when. thanks for the transcription

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Tansey’s - Steeleye Span notes at fault

Sorry to have to point this out. gianmarco’s been given a bum steer here. The tune he’s posted is the first of 2 jigs recorded by “Steeleye Span”, and he cites them as his source for this particular jig. The sleeve notes have the titles as
“ The Bride’s Favourite” followed by “Tansey’s Fancy”, but the tune titles have been reversed. This is not just my opinion - this is also stated in “The Fiddler’s Companion” website.
I’d be willing to bet good money that fiddler Peter Knight got these tunes from the playing of Seamus Tansey, [ if it’s OK to se that name these days !] as he’s on record as saying how much he admired the music of Sligo, and the flute players in particular. Tansey recorded these same 2 jigs on his “Green” album on the Leader label, but the first tune is titled “Tansey’s Favourite”, and has 2 parts. The second tune is “The Bride’s Favourite” and it has 3 parts.
It’s been suggested above that “The Brides” is merely a different setting of “Tansey’s”, but I do not think so, even though the similarities in the 2 tunes are obvious. Tansey himself gave them different titles, as does “The Fiddler’s Companion”, and Bulmer & Sharpley have both tunes listed separately in different volumes. I am of the opinion that these are 2 different tunes, and the titles should not be regarded as interchangeable.
So, this particular jig which Gian marco has posted is “Tansey’s Fancy/Favourite” and the “Bride’s Favourite” is not yet listed.
[ I’ve just posted it ]

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Tansey’s Favorite

Same as was done by John Carty "Last Nights’ Fun"?

Probably not

I wouldn’t think so. "Tansey’s Favourite" on "Last Night’s Fun" is coupled with the reel "The Heather Breeze", which would suggest that John Carty’s "Tansey’s Favourite" is a reel. The bould Seamus has more than 1 tune associated with his name.

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Don’t have Carty’s "Last Nights Fun" handy, however, I’ll point out that Carty, more than likely, is covering Paddy Killoran’s recording of "Tansey’s Favourite/Heathery Breeze" (which is available on on either Shanachie 33003, or the still in print, "From Ballymote To Brooklyn"


…since posting above 6 years ago, I’ve realised that the reel "Tansey’s Favourite" - mentioned above - does not in fact refer to Seamus, but another musician with the same surname. I seem to recall that Seamus himself pointed this out somewhere in one of his "Bardic Apostles of Inisfree" books. [ None of this has to do with the jig posted here - just thought I’d clarify things ].

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