Kilrack’s strathspey

Also known as Kilravock’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kilrack's
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
B,|G,2 G>B, G,2 G>B,|A,2 B>A E/E/E E2|A2 e>B c2 B>e|
c<A e>B cA A2:||:c/d/|e>cA>c e>fd>c|d>fe>c B/B/B Bc/d/|
e>cA>c e>fe>c|d>fe>c A/A/A Ad/e/|f>de>c d>Bc>A|
d>fe>c B/B/B B2|D>CB,>A, B,>A,G,>f|e<d c>B cA A||

One comment

Re: Kilrack’s

It’s a pity that Morgan Toney hasn’t made any comment. The notation is not right, I’m afraid. It’s likely that the transcription comes from a fiddle collection from 1981: The Caledonian Companion (by Alastair J Hardie, Edinburgh). The trouble is that this tune demonstrates scordatura, so the G string would be tuned up to A, making the first two notes C and A, not B and G; the D string would be tuned up to E, so all the notes in the above transciption below A are wrong. Hopefully Morgan Toney will return to correct it.

The tune is old, published as "Kilrack’s Reel" (McGlashan 1778); "Kilrack’s Strathspey" in Gow’s 1st collection (1784); "Kilravock’s Strathspey" (Anderson c1790) and "Kelravock’s Strathspey" (Beauties of Gow 1819).