Wissahickon Drive reel

Also known as Liz Carroll’s, Wisahicken Drive, Wissahicken Drive, Wissahickon Dr..

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Four settings

X: 1
T: Wissahickon Drive
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
EFAB cBAB|ceef ecBA|F2dF eFde|fedf ecBA|
EFAB cBAB|ceef ecBA|~f3a e2cA|1 BAGB ~A3F:|2 BAGB ABce||
|:a2ga baga|~f3e feaf|ec~c2 acec|
[1 fcec BAce|a2ga baga|f2de feaf|ec~c2 afec|BABc ABce:|
[2 fcec BABc|ABce a2ga|f2de feaf|ec~c2 afec|BABc ~A3F||
EFAB cBAB|ceec ecBA|~F3A dFAd|fedf ecBA|
EFAB cBAB|ceec ecBA|~f3a ecAc|1 BAGB ~A3F:|2 BAGB ABce||
|:a2ga baga|f2de fgaf|ec~c2 acec|
[1 f2ec BAce|a2ga baga|~f3e fgaf|ec~c2 afec|BABc ABce:|
[2 fcec BABc|ABcA a2ga|~f3e fgaf|ec~c2 afec|BABc ~A3F||
X: 2
T: Wissahickon Drive
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DEGA BAGA|Bdde dBAG|E2cE dEcd|edce dBAG|
DEGA BAGA|Bdde dBAG|e3g d2BG|1 AGFA G3E:|2 AGFA GABd||
|:g2fg agfg|e3d edge|dB B2 gBdB|
[1 eBdB AGBd|g2fg agfg|e2cd edge|dB B2 gedB|AGAB GABd:|
[2 eBdB AGAB|GABd g2fg|e2cd edge|dB B2 gedB|AGAB G3E||
|:g2fg agfg|e2cd efge|dB B2 gBdB|
[1 e2dB AGBd|g2fg agfg|e3d efge|dB B2 gedB|AGAB GABd:|
[2 eBdB AGAB|GABG g2fg|e3d efge|dB B2 gedB|AGAB G3E||
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X: 3
T: Wissahickon Drive
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
EFAB cBAB | ceef ecBA | F2dF eFde | fedf ecBA |
EFAB cBAB | ceef ecBA | ~f2af eAcA |1 BAGB ~A3F :|2 BAGB ABce ||
|:a2ga baga | ~f2de fagf | e2ce aece | aedc B2ce |
a2ga baga | ~f2de fagf | e2ce aedc |1 BABc ABce :|2 BABc A2F2 ||
X: 4
T: Wissahickon Drive
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:DEGA BAGA | Bdde dBAG | E2cE dEcd | edce dBAG |
DEGA BAGA | Bdde dBAG | e2ge dGBG |1 AGFA G3E :|2 AGFA GABd ||
|:g2fg agfg | e2cd egfe | d2Bd gdBd | gdcB A2Bd |
g2fg agfg | e2cd egfe | d2Bd gdcB |1 AGAB GABd :|2 AGAB G2E2 ||
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Fourteen comments

Wissahickon Drive

Nice Liz Carroll tune that gets played at my local session, and wow, that transcription must have taken ages and ages with all the variations and all, and not a note out of place!!! Amazing for your first tune submission! But which setting do you play Dirk? And were you going to give us some comments on it, like how long you’ve been playing it, where you first heard the tune, who gave you the tune, whether it gets played at your local session, etc etc….?????

Wissahickon Drive is a street in northwest Philadelphia, just in case y’all were wondering.


I wonder if Liz Carroll was aware of the striking similarity between the first part of this tune and that of the Old Time tune, Bill Cheetham’s.

Sorry to pick nits.

Thinking of Cara’s comment, I got a little chuckle out of the fact that the tunes Wissahickon Drive and Plough and the Stars were posted right next to each other. In Philadelphia, I pass signs for Wissahickon Drive (I might even use the street— I’m not very good with names) when I drive to the Plough and Stars restaurant for the session on Sundays. Guess I’m easily amused.

Philadelphia’s Wissahickon is mentioned in an excellent book on Revolutionary War espionage, too—"Turncoats, Traitors, and Heroes", by John Bakeless, for anyone interested.

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I love this tune. It is so…happy. Heard it a session this weekend and am now getting to where I can almost play it. It is teaching me to do that little "boop-beep-boop" figure in the 3rd measure (I’m a little slow on the uptake.)

This tune is one of my favorites, however, I play it in G. I think this irritates some fiddlers, but folks in my local sessions don’t frown to hard or too long at me when I play it. In fact, I think that they are starting to enjoy it. I first heard the tune on the wondeful Wild Asparagus recording Call of the Wild, and their setting has shaped the way I play the tune. They actually play it in yet another key, but I found that I was able to play along on a C whistle using "G" fingering, so I transposed those fingerings over to my D whistle and my flute, and thus ended up in G. I tend to play this tune at a rather lazy pace and often segue into Bensusan’s The Last Pint.

Is there any easy way to get the e in the - F2dF eFde|fedf - part without going onto the e string and back to F on the fiddle?

G Major Version

Pipes and whistle friendly version.

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@DerryMusicMan you can get it by using your fourth finger where you would play B’ but on the A string, it is tricky to get at first but sounds good when you get used to it!

Re: Wissahickon Drive

Great tune!

The Brown Gate

The group Waxie’s Dargle play a reel called "The Brown Gate" which sounds just like this one.

Re: Wissahickon Drive

The Waxie’s Dargle did the only recording I know of that calls it "The Brown Gate." Everyone else who’s recorded it seemed to call it "Wissahickon Drive" or just "Liz Carroll’s."