One hundred and two recordings of Seán Sa Cheo

Also known as Jack In The Fog, John In The Fog, John In The Mist, John Of The Fog, Johnny In The Fog, Lough Island Castle, Lough Isle Castle, The New Lough Island Castle, The New Lough Isle Castle, Sean In The Fog, Sean In The Mist, Sean Na Cheo, Seán Sa Ceo, Seán Sa Cheoidh.

This tune has been recorded together with Johnny Doherty’s (a few times), Sean Reid’s (a few times), The Girl Who Broke My Heart (a few times), Lady Gordon’s (a few times), The Boy In The Gap (a few times), Come West Along The Road (a few times), The Dublin (a few times), The Exile Of Erin (a few times), The Fox On The Town (a few times), The Glass Of Beer (a few times), Lord Gordon’s (a few times), The Mason’s Apron (a few times), Master Crowley’s (a few times), Reel Béatrice (a few times), Richard Dwyer’s (a few times), The Sailor’s Bonnet (a few times), Toss The Feathers (a few times), After The Battle Of Aughrim, Ah Surely, The Ashplant, Beare Island, Black Pat, Boil The Breakfast Early, Bonnie Kate, The Boys Of The Lough, Cad E Sin Don Te Sin, Charlie Mulvihill’s, The Chicago, Come Back With My Bloody Car, The Countess Cathleen, The Curlews, Delia Crowley’s, Dinny O’Brien’s, Dr. Gilbert’s, The Drunken Tinker, The Dublin, Duncan Johnstone, The Dunmore Lasses, Easter Sunday, The Eel In The Sink, Farrel O’Gara’s, Frank’s, The Gatehouse Maid, George Peoples’, The Gooseberry Bush, The High, The Highlandman Who Kissed His Granny, The Holly Bush, The Hunter’s Purse, The Hut In The Bog, The Ivy Leaf, Jack Rowe, Jackie Coleman’s, Joe Bane’s, John Doherty’s, The Jolly Tinker, Larry Redican’s Bow, The Limerick Lasses, The Log Cabin, The Longford Tinker, Máire O’ Keefe’s, Man Of Aran, Mary O’Neill’s, Maud Millar, Mick O’Connor’s, The Monaghan Twig, Music In The Glen, Musical Priest, Paddy Ryan’s Dream, The Pigeon On The Gate, The Pigeon On The Gate, The Pigtown Fling, Preston’s, The Reel Of Rio, The Repeal Of The Union, Rip The Calico, Rolling In The Ryegrass, Saint Ruth’s Bush, Sarah Kelly’s Delight, The Shepherd’s Daughter, The Sport Of The Chase, Sporting Paddy, The Star Of Ireland, The Starry Lane To Monaghan, The Sunny Banks, The Swallow’s Tail, Tam Lin, The Templehouse, Thomond Bridge, Tommy Peoples’, Trim The Velvet, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, The Yellow Tinker.

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  8. All Ireland Whistling Champion At Boyle by Tom McHale
  9. All Set by Rise The Dust
  10. An Bodhran: The Irish Drum by Colm Murphy
  11. Art Of Trio by Luke Daniels
  12. Casog by Various Artists
  13. Celtic Cafe by Karen Ashbrook And Paul Oorts
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  22. Drink The Night Away by Blackbeers
  23. Echoes Of Erin by Comhaltas Tour Group 1984
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  62. Planted by Moxie
  63. Remember Des Donnelly by Des Donnelly
  64. Return To Droim by Colm Gannon
  65. Shantalla by Shantalla
  66. Side By Side by Liz And Yvonne Kane
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  77. The Irish Way by Robert MacGowran
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  102. Won’t You Come out Tonight by Gailfean