Booth Shot Lincoln polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Booth Shot Lincoln
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:"A"E/D/E/F/ EE/F/|"D"AA/B/ AA/B/|"A"c/B/c/B/ c/B/A|"F#m"(F2 F)F|
"A"E/D/E/F/ EE/F/|"D"A/F/A/B/ Af|"A"ec "E"B/c/B|1 "A"A2 F2:|2 "A"(A2 A)B||
|:"A"c(e e)e|"D"f(a a)f|"A"ec B/c/B/A/|"F#m"F2 FB|
[1 "A"c(e e)e|"D"(f a) af|"A"ec "E"B/c/B|"A"A2 AB:|
[2 "A"E/D/E/F/ E E/F/|"D"A/F/A/B/ Af|"A"ec "E" B/c/B|"A"A4||

Three comments

Booth Shot Lincoln

I’m posting this old-time tune because someone brought up in discussion its similarity to the jig, "Hundred Pipers". The jig seems to have been written by Lady Nairne sometime the forth decade of the 19th century and became popular in Scotland in the mid 1850s. Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 so the tune may well have been the inspiration for "Booth Shot Lincoln." The version posted here is popular in old-time circles in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Re: Booth Shot Lincoln

Rather cheerful sounding tune, given the topic.

Re: Booth Shot Lincoln

Might have been composed by a Confederate fiddler, of course.