Theoretical Chemistry jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Theoretical Chemistry
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
E |: "Am"A2A c>BA | e2a "E"^g3 | "C"e2g "D"^f2d | "F7"c2_e "E7"dcB|
"Am"A2A c>BA | e2a "G"b2B | "F"c>de "E"c2^G |1 "Am"BAA A2E :|2 "Am"BAA A2 A/B/ ||
|: "C"c3 "G"dcB | "Am"A3 "Em"BAG |"F" F3 "C"GFE | "Bm7b5"DFA "E7"^G2 A/B/|
"Am"cec "G"BeB| "F"AeA "E"^G2E |"F7"AC_E "E7"D2B, |1 "Am" CA,A, A,2 A/B/ :|2 "Am" CA,A, A,2 z ||
X: 2
T: Theoretical Chemistry
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
E |: A2 A/B/ c>BA | e2a ^g3 | e2g f2d | c2e d>cB|
A2 A/B/ c>BA | e2a b2B | c>de c2^A |1 B>AA A2E :|2 B>AA A2 A/B/ ||
|: c3 dcB | A3 BAG | F3 GFE | DFA ^G2 A/B/|
cec BeB| AeA ^G2E |A>ce d2B |1 c>AA A2 A/B/ :|2 c>AA A3 ||

Three comments

Theoretical Chemistry

A lovely, spooky sounding minor jig. Quite fun to play, some initially tricky parts to it. Posted with permission of the composer & copyright owner, Patti Cobb. Please do contact her if you wish to record it.

Patti wrote the tune for her friend, Kristi, in 2011, who was working on her Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry at the time.

The tune can be un-swung, removing the dotted eighth-sixteenth-note rhythms and being replaced by three straight eighth notes. It is swung for Scottish Dance.

They play it in their band StringFire!, on their album "Excited States". It’s set with Cleveland Park, Lady Elizabeth Cole’s, and another one of their compositions, Sphere of Ink. This set is named after Kristi, who was having a "conundrum" with the dance for it one time. StringFire! also play it in another set, following after Jump at the Sun & Lady Elizabeth Cole’s.

Theoretical Chemistry, X:2

A C-whistle setting.

Some notes:
- The Fnat can be replaced with an F# (3rd bar, A Part), as in Patti’s original setting (X1).
- The runs are optional in the A Part.
- The A# was a mistake on my part when learning it, and seems to work alright (7th bar, A Part). The A# and G# do clash a bit though, so be sure to stick with only one when playing with others!
- The extra swing can be removed, or further exaggerated. The tune does lose quite a bit of it’s flow if tinkered around with too much, so keep that in mind.

Re: Theoretical Chemistry

You’re right…fun to play!