The Egyptian reel

Also known as Salamanca Samba, Salamanca-samba.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Egyptian
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
"Am"e2ce dcBd | cAA^G ABcA |"E" BE^GB EGBd | cAB^G ABcd |
"Am"e2ce dcBd | cAA^G ABcA |"E" BE^GB EGBd | cAB^G A4 :|
"F"f4ddgf |"C"e4 ccfe |"E" dB^GB EGBd | cAB^G "Am"ABce |
"F"f4ddgf | "C"e4 ccfe |"E" dB^GB EGBd | cAB^G "Am"A4 :|
"E7"EF^GA GFEF | ^GAGF EFGA |1"Am"BcAB ^GAGF | "E"E2e2E2e2 :|2"Dm"DEF^G BAGF | "E"E8 ||

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The Egyptian Reel

Not sure the composer of the tune, but I believe it is fairly contemporary. I have heard it for years throughout the almost 20 years of feisanna of Irish Dancing. If anyone knows more about it, I would love to find out more info.

This is the only thing on YouTube I could find

Re: The Egyptian

Awesome, Thanks!

Re: The Egyptian

The Alan Kelly original is in Bm.
Chords for B part are something like |Em A|D G|C#dim F#|F#7 Bm| x 4
transposing to |Dm G|C F|Bdim E|E7 Am|.