Gail Hendry’s jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Gail Hendry's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
|e|:fcA FCA, | cAF B,2 C | DGB CFA | B,DG A,CF |
fcA FCA, | cAF B,2 C| DGB CFA | B,D FF2 e :|
fcA FCA, |F,A,C A,CF | CFA FAc | Acf cfa |
fac' fdB | dfa dcA | CFA aca | gfe f3 |
fcA FCA, | F,A,C A,CF | B,DF CEG | FAc cfa |
fac' fdB | fga fdc | AGF aca | gfe f3 |]
Acf Bdf | cAG FDF | Acf Bdf | FAc fag |
Acf Bdf | Acf GBf | FAf gaf | cAF CA,F |
Acf Bdf | cAG FDC | Acf Bdf | FAc fag |
Acf Bdf | Acf GBf | FAf aca | gfe f3 |]

One comment

Gail Hendry’s

Written by Khelton Headley-Wolf

I wrote this tune for one of my former school teachers that has been such a major influence in my life since I was in kindergarten, and has always pushed me and inspired me to achieve my dreams. Gail is an absolute storm of kindness, and this tune was an attempt of translating that into music. It’s a wild tune. This tune was included on an album that was recorded by a group of students that I helped teach for several years.

*Notation is for a 5 string fiddle. Low F can be substituted with an open G

(Starts at 1:15)