The Cat And The Mountain Squirrel reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Cat And The Mountain Squirrel
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
F2|:"Bm"B2 cd BcdB|"Bm"cdBc dBcB|"A" A2 ce a2 gf|"A" efec BAFE|
"Bm"B2 cd BcdB|"Bm"cdBc "E7"dBcB|"A" A2 ce afec|"F#m"BAdc "Bm"B2 dc:|
|:"Bm" Bbbf "C#/A7"a2 fe|"D"defg "E7"afed|"A"BAcB A2 ce|"C#/A"afec "Cdim"BAdc|
"Bm"Bbbf a2 fe|"Bm"defg "E7"abaf|"A"feaf efec|"A"BAdc "Bm"B2 dc:|
|:"Bm"BffB d2 cd|"Bm"cdBc dBcB|"A"AeeA c2 Bc|"A"AecA "F#m"BAdc|
"Bm"BffB d2 cd|"Bm"cdBc dBcB|"A"A2 ce afec|"A"BAdc "Bm" B4:|
|:"Bm"Bbbf "(C#/A7)"a2^ga|"Bm (D)"Bbbf "E7"afec|"A"BAcB A2ce|"A (C#/A)" afec "F#m (Cdim)" BAdc|
"Bm" Bbbf a2 ^ga|"Bm (A#/Bm)" Bbbf "E7 (A/Bm)" abaf|"A (G#/Bm)"feaf "G"efec|1 "A" BAdc "Bm"B4:|2 "F#7"BAdc "Bm"B2||
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These are the bare bones of the tune played as The Cat & the Mountain Squirrel in Scotland. Hope it’s the same reel you requested Mary M. The chords in parenthesis are optional / alternatives 2nd time through part D. First tune submitted and still coming to terms with ABC notation (which doesn’t bode well). Hope it plays OK. As usual, fiddle ornamentation varied slightly by different players. Let me know how you get on.

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The Cat & the Mountain Squirrel

Oh - forgot to add. Tune believed to be by Ian Muir - Craigellachie Band.

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Thanks for the tune - it sounds right. I have just got to learn to play it! Our local Caledonian Society use it for the dances ‘Christmas at the Heath’ and ‘Cobblestones’ so I wanted to be able to play it for them.

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Has anyone recorded this? I really liked it, from reading, but would like aural input too.


The Craigellachie Ceilidh Band recorded the reel on their CD ‘Encore’ (mid ‘90’s, own label). Sadly it’s currently out of print. Don’t know of any other recordings.

Glad you liked the reel. I love playing it on my fiddle. I tend to keep it fairly straightforward, with just a few grace notes and occasional double stopping, otherwise I just let it flow (or rip!) I’m sure your instincts will keep you right.


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Cat and the Mountain Squirrel

Indeed the tune is by myself of the Craigellachie Band. I think it is also published by Deeay music of Forfar. The title came about (and is a bit risque)due to, during recording our first LP, a cat and a squirrel chasing each other in front of the studios picture window. The pianist was so put off that she ground to a halt in fits of giggles. The comment was not to worry - it was only if the two got romantic should she worry!
We haven’t played it in the band or years - but actually think we should revisit it!

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