The Real Thing hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Real Thing
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(d>B)| (3(ABA) F3/2A/2 f3/2d/2A3/2d/2|(3(BdB) G3/2B/2 g3/2d/2B3/2d/2| (3(cdc) A3/2c/2 g3/2e/2c3/2e/2|d3/2c/2d3/2f/2 a3/2f/2d3/2B/2|
(3(ABA) F3/2A/2 f3/2d/2A3/2d/2|(3(BdB) G3/2B/2 g3/2d/2B3/2d/2|(3(cdc) A3/2c/2 g3/2e/2c3/2e/2|d2f2 d2:|
|:(3(ABc)|d2f3/2d/2 d3/2f/2e3/2d/2|f2a3/2f/2 f3/2d/2g3/2B/2|A3/2d/2c3/2B/2 A3/2G/2F3/2E/2|d3/2f/2a3/2f/2 g3/2e/2c3/2A/2|
d2f3/2d/2 d3/2f/2e3/2d/2|f2a3/2f/2 f3/2d/2g3/2B/2|A3/2d/2c3/2B/2 A3/2G/2F3/2E/2|D2D2 D2:|

Three comments

Re: The Real Thing

You’ve put it into the key of G, but it’s actually in D. Seems to have been collected from piper/flute player John Ennis from Co Kildare (whose son was "Young Tom Ennis" I believe).

Re: The Real Thing

You are right! How did that happen? I have corrected it. Thanks.