Nantwich Fair jig

Also known as Namptwich Fair.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Nantwich Fair
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d|"D"d2A A2d|d2A A2d|"D"fgf efd|"A"(e2A)A3|
"G"B3 BAG|"D"A3 AGF|"G"GAG "D"FED|"A"E3E2:|
|:A|"A"(A2E) EFG|"D"F2E D2d|"D7"(d2A) AB=c|"G"B3 B2f|
"Em"g2f e2d|"A"(cd)eA2A|"G"Bcd "A"ecA|"D"d3 d2:|

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Nantwich Fair

This is an English tune from my home county which I learnt quite while back from my old violin teacher. It is named after an event that takes place in a town which neighbours my own. I hope people don’t mind me posting an English tune to the website, especially considering it’s my first ever submission. I hope you like it! 🙂

Re: Nantwich Fair

Cheerful tune!

Re: Nantwich Fair

Yes, a good tune. A friend brought it to one of our sessions under the older name of Namptwich Fair. Was delighted, as we used to live in Nantwich back in the 70s!

Re: Nantwich Fair

Nice tune!

Re: Nantwich Fair

My Mum’s relatives lived on farms near Nantwich. She used to visit 3 maiden aunts who had a Cheshire cheese farm and was lifted up in the cheese lift as a tiny girl. The farm got Foot and Mouth in the 1920s and had to close down. My piano (now in Grimbister, Orkney) was first owned in the ’20s by one aunt, passed down to my Grandma and then on her death in 1958 to Mother. It will be 100 yrs old soon. My Ork. sister Diana died in 2017 so bro in law looks after it. Di’s grandchildren twins, Ingrid plays fiddle and Paul started piano then tried flute. The are both studying in E’burgh so far less time for music and Paul is incredibly sporty.

Re: Nantwich Fair

We lived on site at Reaseheath College of Agriculture, where my husband was assistant farm manager. Not much time for music then as baby no 1 came along!

Re: Nantwich Fair

I have a question about this tune for these of you who are familiar with it. It seems as though the English group Leveret play "Namptwich Fair" as a slip jig, rather than a jig. Is it just a variation of the jig version, or a different tune?

Re: Nantwich Fair

I believe Leveret have drawn some of their material from ‘John of the Green: the Cheshire Way’ (Green Man Music, ed. John Offord, 2008). ‘Namptwich Fair’ is in the collection on p 104 in 9/8 . It seems to be a quite different tune from the one above. The both seem very attractive, and I might see if they work together as a set.

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Re: Nantwich Fair

Thanks Bazza. I agree it’s a great tune.