Three recordings of
Sporting Nell
Kitty Goes A-Milking

Sporting Nell (reel) is also known as Gorman’s, Neil Spóirtiúil, Sportin’ Nell, Sporting Nel, Sporting Nellie, Sporting Nelly.

Kitty Goes A-Milking (reel) is also known as Cáit Imithe A Ḃleán, Cáit Imithe An Ḃó A Ḃleán, Kitty Gone A Milkin’, Kitty Gone A Milking, Kitty Gone A-Milking, Kitty Gone A’ Milkin’, Kitty Gone A’ Milking, Kitty Gone A’Milkin’, Kitty Gone A’Milking, Kitty Went A Milking, Kitty’s Gone A ‘Milking, Kitty’s Gone A Milking, Kitty’s Gone A-Milking, Kitty’s Gone A’ Milkin’, Kitty’s Gone A’ Milking, Kitty’s Gone A’Milking, The Long Hills Of Mourne.

Portherhead by Portherhead

  1. Fair Haired Lass
  2. Kitty Gone A Milking
  3. Sporting Nell

Riches Of Clare Volume 2 by Various Artists

  1. Kitty’s Gone A Milking
  2. Sporting Nell

Truth Be Told by Justin Bonar-Bridges

  1. Kitty Goes A-Milking
  2. Sporting Nell