Sweet Hesleyside waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sweet Hesleyside
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A2| "D" d4 A2 | F3 E D2|"G"c4 B2|G4 FG|
"D"A3 ^G A2 |"A"B A3 G2 |"D"F6-|"A"F4 Ac|
|"D" d4 A2 | F3 E D2|"G"c4 B2|G4 FG|
|"D" A3 ^G A2 |"A"B A3 C2|"D"D6-|D4 EF|
|"G"G4 G2 |"D"F4 F2|"A"E3 F GE|"D"F4 F2|
|"E"E4 E2|F4 ^G2 |"A"A6-|A2 B2 c2 |
"D"d4 A2 | F3 E D2|"G"c4 B2|G4 FG|
|"D" A3 ^G A2 |"A"c3 B c2|"D"d6-|d4 A2|

Three comments

Sweet Hesleyside

Fairly sure that this pretty, soulful waltz was written by Kathryn The Great. Tickell, that is.

Every version you hear is different, which is the nature of ( Northumbrian) piping. On her early album "On Kielderside".

Re: Sweet Hesleyside

It’s been around a lot longer than Ms. Tickell. It is in the 1970 edition of the Northumbrian Pipers tunebook. No composer attributed. Usually played in G.

Re: Sweet Hesleyside

I think I first heard this on a Billy Pigg ( Northumbrian Pipes) album.