Agata slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Agata
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"G"BGd B3 GBd | "D"AFd A3 AGF | "C"GEF G2 A BAG| "D"A2G FDE FGA |
"G(Em)"BGd B3 GBd | "D"AFd A3 AGF | "C"EFG "D"FGA AGF |1 "G"G3 G2 A AGA :|2 "G"G3 G2 A Bcd ||
"C"e3 edc BAG | "D"F3 FED FGA | "Bm"B3 dBG FGF | "Em"E2D EFG "D"ABd |
"C"e3 edc BAG | "D"F3 FED FGA | "C"GBd cAe dBg | "D"age dBA GBd |
"C"e3 edc BAG | "D"A2G FDE FGA | "Bm"d2B BAG FGA | "Em"G2F EFG "D"ABd |
"C"e3 edc BAG | "D"F3 FED FGA | "C"GBd cAe dBg | "D"age dBA G2A ||

Four comments

Re: Agata

Thank you for telling us about the recording. It is indeed beautiful!

Re: Agata

And Agata is a lovely name. I’ve never heard it spelled like that.

Re: Agata

Re: TheWanderer,
Glad that this tune is drawing immediate attention from some like yourself. The tune is in Irish slip jig form but note that the composer is Italian. Hence the spelling of the name.