The Big Fiddle three-two

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Big Fiddle
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
c3 B BABc e3e | fecB AFEF ABcA | B3c BAFE CEEE | FEFG AGAB cBAB :|
c3f fefg agfe | c3f ecfe cBAF | A3f ecfe cBAB | c3f ecfe cBAB :|
X: 2
T: The Big Fiddle
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
f3 e edef a3a | bafe dBAB defd |
e3f edBA FAAA | BABc dcde fede :|
f3b babc' d'c'ba | f3b afba fedB |
d3b afba fede | f3b afba fede :|
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Five comments

The Big Fiddle

From Michael McGoldrick’s track Trip to Nova Scotia, on Arc.

Possibly more a 3/4 tune, but easier for me to transcribe like this!

Re: The Big Fiddle

This is quite a surprise for me to see this tune in 3/2.
Isn’t it played as a reel on the record?
Never thought different, even learned it on my flute recently and put it together with two other Mike’s reels - no contradiction.
But anyway, thanks for transcribing!

Re: The Big Fiddle

@Viking of St.Peterburg
It’s what some people might call a "slip reel", you could write it either in 3/2 or 6/4 I guess.

Re: The Big Fiddle

Looks like a 3/2 hornpipe to me. A 6/4 time sig would change the emphasis/timing of it.