Pretty Peg reel

Also known as Bill Clancy’s Delight, Pretty Maggie, Pretty Peggy.

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Pretty Peg

A ‘weel kent’ reel. In addition to the details in the recent related discussion thread, the tune also appears in:
a) The Beauties of Niel Gow 1799 - 1839 Vol 2
b) Robert Petrie’s Collection of Strathspeys, Reels etc Vol 4 1805
c) George Cameron’s Selection of Scottish Violin Music 1854
d) The Athole Collection of the Dance Music of Scotland 1884
The composer and country of origin are unspecified in any of the above but it was a well travelled reel, even in the early 19thC.

Pretty Peg

Here’s my transcription from Altan’s version on Harvest Storm.

X: 1
T: Pretty Peg
D: Harvest Storm, Altan
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: D
defd ADFA|defd e/f/g fe|defd AFDF|G/F/E FD CEA,A|
defd ADFA|defd e/f/g fe|defd AFDF|G/F/E FD CEA,E||

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Origin ?

Thanks, Will - someone was asking about this on “Chiff & Fipple” the other day. I’ll direct them to this, if someone hasn’t done it already.
As for the initial comments, although the composer might be unknown, given the 4 written sources provided, I don’t think there can be much doubt about the country of origin !


Pretty Peg & Sporting Paddy

Pretty Peg, X:5

It appears again a page later in O’Neill’s under the name Pretty Peggy (#704), this time with the familiar “FDdD cDBD|AD” movement in the B part, and divergent 4th and 7th bars in the A part.

Re: Pretty Peg

In Ryan’s Mammoth Collection it can be found as “Ladies‘ Delight”, but it’s been known in Scotland under the “Pretty Pegg” title for a while, published in, for example, Gow’s Complete Repository. I would imagine it would have been well known to Sergeant James O’Neill, who had a deep knowledge of Scots music.

Re: Pretty Peg

On the album “Different Tongues” by Brian Peters, it’s called “Pretty Maggie.”