The Sligo reel

Also known as Cronin’s, The Street Player.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Sligo
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|DFAd ~f3e|dcde {g}fdAF|~G2FG EDEF|GABG EFGE|
FADA FAdc|BG~G2 Bcde|~f2af {a}gecd|eddc d4:|
Jf2{g}fe dfaf|{b}gfed cdeg|fa~a2 gfed|cABG A2{B}AG|
FADA FAdc|BG~G2 Bcde|~f2af {a}gecd|eddc d4:|

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The Sligo Reel

I like this tune: I think it has a very upbeat feeling, as opposed to some tunes that sound a little more “edgy”, so to speak. An example of this is, for instance, Jenny’s Chickens, which I think is a great tune, but is still rather “hard”, not to play but as far as the sound is concerned. You know, a tune such as Cooley’s isn’t quite as upbeat as a tune like The Mason’s Apron or somesuch. There is a tune by this name on Matt Molloy’s “Shadows on Stone”, but it is a polka, and so therefore a different beast altogether, in a manner of speaking. I am considering transcribing and submitting the Sligo Polka, but for now, you have the reel of the same name. Enjoy!

Street Player ?

Isn’t this the “Street Player” by Ed Reavy ?

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In the Street Player, the last few bars of the B part differ from those of the A part, and it’s a hornpipe. There is a reel that has both parts ending the same, called Cronin’s Reel (do a JC’s search) and left as “no name” on Norbeck’s index. Both these settings and the one posted here have dead-giveaway “hornpipe endings”, which suggests to me that the original was Ed Reavy’s hornpipe “The Street Player”, and someone has made it into a reel and changed the end of the B part radically. Well, that’s what I reckon anyway. I’d be interested to find out where Tommy got this.

Not the same “Sligo Reel”!

This “Sligo Reel” is not the one on Flook’s album “Flatfish”.Surely somebody must have noticed it was different!!


Guitar12 - The recordings lists that accompany tune submissions on this site are created automatically. They merely show all the recordings which feature a tune by that name. With a title as generic as ‘The Sligo Reel’, there ar3e bound to be a few false hits.

I don’t enjoy this

Where did this tune come from? It’s a shame that somebody might learn this bastard version of Reavy’s tune rather than the Reavy tune, The Street Player.
Christ, take the thing off.

It might be a “bastard version”, but I find that it’s more commonly played in sessions than the original.

NOT The Sligo Polka

This is NOT The Sligo Polka as played on Shadows on Stone. It’s a shame, because The Sligo Polka is a wonderful tune. Here’s Gary Shannon plays it along with The Independence HP on the Comhaltas site,

Nobody ever said it was a polka , or that it was the tune on Matt Molloy’s recording. In fact the guy who posted it specifically said it wasn’t - see above. Your link seems to have disappeared. Maybe you could post the Molloy tune yourself - that would be the positive thing to do, wouldn’t it ?

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My Da Likes It

Whatever the fe** this tune is, me Da likes it and is trying to learn it on the whistle, bless his soul, so I’m gonna learn it to, and play it it with him. So quit yer grumblin’ and play it with us when ya see us. [wink]

Re: The Sligo

Thank you for the link.