The Kosher reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Kosher
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
eAAB dcBA|eAAB degf|eAAB dcBA|(3BAG Bd gfed:|
|:ea2f gfed|eAAB degb|ea2f gfed|gBBc degd:|
|:ea2^g agef|=gfeg f/g/f/e/df|ea2^g agef|=gabg agfd:|
|:[M:7/8]eAA A2Bd|[M:6/8]Tc2A Tc2A|[M:4/4]cdec dc_B=F|
[M:7/8]eAA A2Bd|[M:6/8]Tc2A Tc2A|[1[M:4/4]cdec Td2cd:|[2[M:4/4]cdec d2d2||
|:[M:3/8]eac'|[M:9/8]Tb2e Tb2e Tb2e|[M:3/4]bc'd'c' bc'|
[M:3/8]eac'|[M:6/8]Tb2e Tb2e|[1[M:4/4]bc'd'b c'2c'2:|[2[M:4/4]bc'd'b a2a2|]

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The Kosher

By Johnny and Phil Cunningham, transcribed from

Got back tonight at 9:30, wife away, bored, so I took up Kenny’s challenge:

Hardest bit was the second part where it sounds like one of the brothers is playing G natural while the other is playing F# notes. I’ve scored them as G nats.
What a wonderful bit of sheet music. Or is it a sheet bit of wonderful music?
I used to love all this time sig stuff when I was younger, so much younger than today…..

Yes, I’ve had a whisky or two.

Re: The Kosher

Well done! I saw the other thread, watched the clip, and decided not to give it a go.

Re: The Kosher

While I was working it out I thought, "Someone’s bound to beat me to it". But, hey ho. No!
Transcribing stuff beats lying on the couch doing an impression of a potato any day (and I’ve been mistaken for a potato on several occasions recently).

Re: The Kosher

Well done for that transcription, "DonaldK". I don’t think there are too many of us here who could have done that, I certainly couldn’t have. Johnny used to introduce it as being "half-Scottish, half-Irish, and half-Jewish". I’m not sure that it was ever even recorded, and I only ever heard them play it live once. So between us, with your transcription here, and the "Youtube" clip [ which I posted ], we may have saved a unique piece of music from extinction. That clip more or less sums up Johnny and Phil for me. Great musical ability, originality, and above all , a sense of fun and musical mischief. The question is though, how many of us could actually play it ? At the very least, a "challenge" on flute or whistle 🙂
PS - and I dread to think what session accompanists might get up to if trying to follow it for the first time [ or even after ].

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Re: The Kosher

I would struggle to flat pick it at more than about 70% of the blinding speed the Cunninghams take it at (but I’m not a great flatpicker).
I think if I came across this in a session I would just sit back and enjoy.