The Torn Bag Apron jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Torn Bag Apron
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
||dBG GBd|~g3 gfe|dBG GAB|AFD D2e|
dBG GBd|~g3 gAB|ced cBA|~G3 G2e|
dBG GBd|gag gfe|dBG GBd|AFD D2e|
dBG GBd|~g3 gAB|ced cBA|~G3 ABc||
||d2B d2B|d2B dgf|e2c e2c|e2c ege|
d2B d2B|d2B dgf|edB dBA|~G3 ABc|
d2B dgf|e2c e2c|ege ded|cBc ABc|
d2B dgf|e2c e2e|faf def|~g3 gfe||

One comment

The Torn Bag Apron

This is track 2c from Gerry O’Connor’s album "Last Night’s Joy". The second half of the B part is interesting…