Australian Galopede polka

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X: 1
T: Australian Galopede
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A|"D" FA/A/ Ad|fe d2|"G" BA Bd|"A" e>f eA|"D" FA/A/ Ad|fe d>c|"G" BA"A" Bc|"D"d2 d:|
e|"D" f2 e2|"D" dA/A/ BA|"G" g2 f2|"A" eA/A/ BA|"D" f2 e2|dA/A/ BA|"G" BA"A" Bc|"D" d2 d:|

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Australian Galopede

This tune appears in the iconic Australian Tune Book, "Begged Borrowed and Stolen", which was produced for the Adelaide Celtic Music Club some 40 years ago ( the club has a long history and is very strong now) - and it appears in a number of other Australian Bush Dance collections. It is commonly played in sessions and at "bush/traditional" dances as part of a set for the simple Galopede dance.

Re: Australian Galopede

I’m amazed. I had no idea that this is an Aussie tune.
We play this as the opening tune in our Galopede Set at dance nights that we play for (did one last night).
Thanks for the info.

Re: Australian Galopede

Also known as Leather Away the Wattle, no idea why 🙂

Re: Australian Galopede

Leather away the wattle is a totally different Polka from this, and not at all Australian. I also doubt that this so-called ‘Australian’ Galopede is actually of Australian origin. It just gets played a lot at Aussie bush dances and it goes back a long way. "Begged Borrowed and Stolen", as the songbook title tells us.

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Re: Australian Galopede

Herb Gimbert first introduced this tune at the Bush Music Club in Sydney many years ago, and it has since become a standard tune played for bush dances around Australia.

Warren Fahey wrote: "As a young man I attended the Bush Music Club weekly gatherings in Sydney. It was there that I heard Herb Gimbert play the Galopede on his tin whistle. The tune is named for the dance of the same name and is a form of quadrille." Source