Inagh Valley polka

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Inagh Valley
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Cdor
X: 2
T: Inagh Valley
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
c3G|A4|A4-|A4| {cBA}B4-|B2d/2c/2B/2A/2|B3c|BAGE A4-|
A4-|A4|G3A/2c/2| d4-|d4-|d2e2|g3e|d4-|d4-|d4||

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Inagh Valley

WARNING: This is not a polka! I only uploaded it as a polka due to the time signature! This tune is in fact a slow air, I’m pretty sure this was written by Martín O’Connor.

Re: Inagh Valley

Thanks Níall for this transcription of a beautiful tune. It seems to me that the most appropriate time signature for this tune would be 4/2 (with the first bar of what you have written in 2/4 just as a minim up-beat). Unfortunately it seems can’t support anything in 4/2 though.

Also I think there is a minim G missing at the end of the third line (to complete a phrase in the B-part). It’s natural to hold that G for four minim beats rather than three 🙂

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Inagh Valley, X:2

This is a direct transcription of the above setting in G for those who prefer that key.

Re: Inagh Valley

I just transcribed the above before listening to it . Having listened and played along , there is a chunk of the tune not transcribed above. I will endeavour to add the missing notes at a later date.

Re: Inagh Valley

ok so I have some difficulty putting values on the notes Martin plays for the second part. Here are the notes in the key he plays it and perhaps someone can do the correct abc s/sheet music.Note all B s are flat and F s natuual.
A.——F——-B. C.DC. C.D C.DC.B. G.B.G. GFDC.
F—-F>ED<EB, DFGB —Cd—-( fast CdCB GFGF D —FDC,-)
C — <edB—- d—-CBA FDG— ABB —-C dC—
Then the fast lead in to the first part of 1 again= <edCB dCBG CBGF BGFD GFD FDC,
ie FGAC up to CBAF x2 and then the finish
Martins accordion has a special set of reeds , when he pushes the button on the top as you can se on the video as he starts the second partwhich enables him to play the very low A F B C notes , some of which are not available on standard GDAE instruments.
Hope this helps??