Doireann’s waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Doireann's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
B|:e/B/ e/f/ =g/a/|f =d B|b3/2 a/ a/b/|a/g/ e3/2 f/|=g2 f/e/|f B3/2 c/|=d e e/d/|B3|
e g b|a3/2 b/ a|g e3/2 f/|e/=d/ B A|G3/2 G/ F/G/|A2 G/A/|Bed|e2 B:|
a/g/|:f B3/2 c/|d/e/ f/g/ a/f/|g b3/2 g/|e3/2f/ g|ac3/2a/|gB3/2g/|a3/2g/ f/e/|f3/2e/d|
ca3/2c/|a2c/B/|Beg|b2-b/ g/|a3/2g/ f/e/|d/e/ fd|e3-|e3/2a/ a/g/:|

Four comments


I didn’t see any transcription of this waltz that I heard played by Solas. I found it was very nice, so here’s a one.

Re: Doireann’s

Such a great waltz! Is Mick McAuley the composer? I don’t have the liner notes.
It looks like your ABC is in 3/8 (or L:1/4 rather than 1/8). Doubling the note lengths in the ABC will make it easier to read.
Here’s a quick pass at fixing that and moving the pickups within the repeats:
|: B2 |eB ef =ga | f2 =d2 B2 | b3 a ab | ag e3 f | =g4 fe | f2 B3 c | =d2 e2 ed | B6 |
e2 g2 b2 | a3 b a2 | g2 e3 f | e=d B2 A2 | G3 G FG | A4 GA | B2e2d2 | e4:|
|:ag|f2 B3 c | de fg af | g2 b3 g | e3f g2 | a2c3a | g2B3g | a3g fe | f3 e d2 |
c2a3c | a4cB | B2e2g2 | b4-bg | a3g fe | de f2d2 | e6- | e3a:|