Doherty’s Quare waltz

Also known as John Doherty’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Doherty's Quare
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
F2|:B3 ^A B c|d3 c d e|f b ^a b a b|f6|f2 =f2 ^f2|c6|
f2 e2 d2|B4 F2|B3 ^A B c|d3 c d e|f b ^a b a b|f6|
f2 =f2 ^f2|g4 f2|B2 ^A B c d|1 B4 F2:|2 B4 ^g2||
a3 a g2|b a f2 =d2|c2 a2 a2|c2 a2 ^a2|b3 b ^a2|c' b g2 e2|
d2 b2 b2|d2 b2 ^a2|a3 a g2|b a f2 =d2|c2 a2 a2|c2 a2 a2|
B2 =g2 g2|A2 f2 =g2|e2 d e f =g|1 e4 g2:|2 e4 F2||
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Two comments

Doherty’s Quare

I heard that tune in Co Donegal played by Conor Caldwell & Danny Diamond for the release on their album North. The tune is on the CD. No idea where they found that strange tune. It is also on “The Tin Fiddle” album by Damien McGeehan. The only sparse information I can get is that it is “traditional” and “from Donegal”.

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