Three recordings of
Father O’Grady’s Visit To Bocca
The Trip To Birmingham

Father O’Grady’s Visit To Bocca (reel) is also known as Father Grady’s Trip To Bacca, Father Grady’s Visit To Bockagh, Father O’Grady’s Trip To Bocca, Father O’Grady’s Trip To Bockagh, Father O’Grady’s Trip To Bucca, Father O’Grady’s Visit To Boca, Fr O’Grady’s Trip To Bocca, Fr O’Grady’s Trip To Broca, Fr O’Grady’s Visit To Bocca, Fr. Grady’s Visit To Bocca, Fr. O’Grady’s Visit To Boca, Fr. O’Grady’s Visit To Bocca.

The Trip To Birmingham (reel) is also known as All The Way To Birmingham, Josie McDermott’s, Peg McGrath, The Pile Of Bricks.

Echoes Of Erin 2011 by Various Artists

  1. The Trip To Birmingham
  2. Father O’Grady’s Trip To Bockagh

The Jolly Tinker by Kane O'Rourke

  1. Father O’Grady’s Trip To Bocca
  2. Trip To Birmingham

Traditional Flute Music In The Sligo-Roscommon Style by Catherine McEvoy With Felix Dolan

  1. Fr. O’Grady’s Visit To Bocca
  2. The Trip To Birmingham