The Weaver’s Daughter strathspey

Also known as Tha Nighean Aig A’bhreabadair, The Weaver Has A Daughter, The Weaver Has A Dochter, The Weaver’s Dochter.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Weaver's Daughter
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
d|B<GG>A B<FF>d|B<GG>F (e3g)|f>e"tr"(d>c) B>GF<e|d>c(B>A) {^F}G3 G:|
^f|g<dd>=e f<cc>^f|g>dd>g d<b(a>g)|b>d(d>c) "tr"B>GF<e|(d>c)"tr"(B>A) {^F}G3 G:|
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The Weaver’s Daughter

Tried to submit this tune in response to Manfred.delameilleure’s request - don’t know where all the "\\\’s" came from. Perhaps J can correct. Hope this is the right tune Manfred. This one’s an old traditional strathspey but I suspect there may be others with the same or similar title.

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"Tha Nighean Aig A’bhreabadair" / "The Weaver Has a Daughter"

"The Athole Collection"
James Stewart-Robertson, 1884, page 292

R: slow Strathspey / song
K: g minor
|: d |
B<GG>A B<FF>d | B<GG>F e3 g |
f>ed>c B<GF<e | d>cB>A G2 G :|
|: ^f |
g<dd>=e f<cc>^f | g<dd>g d<ba>g |
b>dd>c B>GF<e | d>cB>A G2 G :|

& an alternate key:

K: e minor
|: E>B |
G<EE>F G<DD>B | G<EE>D c2 c<e |
d>cB>A G<ED<c | B>AG<F E2- :|
|: E>^d |
e<BB>^c d<AA>^d | e<BB>e B>gf<g |
e<BB>A G>ED<c | B>AG<F E2- :|

I remember this as a Gaelic song but can’t find the words for it online or in my notes, at least not yet. I think I may have learned a version of it as a milling song.