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One setting

X: 1
T: Save The Ham
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
F2 EF DEFD|G2 (3GGG GAGE|c2 ADED CE |1 Ddce dcAG:||2 Edce dcAc||
d2 (3ddd dcec|fdcA FDDc|Ac{d}cB [G,2G2]3/2 A| Bc{d}cB [G,G]ABc|
d2 {e}dcde dc|fdcA FDDE|B,C (3CCC C2 fe|1 d2 cedc (3ABc:|2 d2 cedc AG||
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One comment

Save The Ham

In concert, Liz Carroll explained that the name of the tune was derived from a comment made by her brother after she related an account of having rescued a squealing piglet from its mother’s immensity. At the story’s conclusion, she remarked, “…so, I saved a pig.” Her brother responded, “No, Liz, you saved the ham!” (On stage she called it "You Saved the Ham").

When I heard Liz perform this tune a few years ago, she imitated the sound of the squealing piglet! To add drama and theatrical intensity to the tune, give it the "Liz treatment!" The third time through, simulate the squealing piglet by playing dietro il ponticello (behind the bridge) on measures one and two of part b (play the first beat of the first measure in the conventional manner) and measures five and six (again, playing the first beat conventionally) of part b. On the repeat of part b, play dietro il ponticello on measures three, four, five and six (play the first note of measure three conventionally). I hope that makes sense. Have fun!

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