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One setting

X: 1
T: Sarah's Mandolin
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Bdor
c|:"Bm"d2B BAB FBd f2d|"A"cAe cAe dAf ecA|
"Bm"d2B BAB FBd fed|1"A"cAe dcA "Bm"B3 B2c:|2"Bm"cAe dcA B2BB2f:|
"Bm"bff a2f bae f2d|"A"cAe cAe dfd ecA|
"Bm"bff a2f bae fed|"A"cAe dcA "Bm"B2B B2f|
"Bm"bff a2f bae f2d|"A"cAe cAe dfd ecA|
"Bm"d2B BAB FBd fed|"A"cAe dcA "Bm"B2B B3|

Three comments

Sarah’s Mandolin

Cape Breton, transcribed from

Why I like it? I like the unexpected third ‘A’ eighth note in the second measure.
The tune seems to have this calm maturity about it, like it’s seen a lot. I like it for that.

Re: Sarah’s Mandolin

Thanks for posting this beautiful tune.
I like to play it at a quiet pace. "Calm maturity" are the right words.

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Re: Sarah’s Mandolin

That’s some tune, go raibh maith agat !