A Redl barndance

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Two settings

X: 1
T: A Redl
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
|:Ad^cd efed|a2a2 e2e/f/g|a2a2 e2e/f/g|f2ed e^f/e/ d^c|d2a2 f2d2|
Ad^cd efed|a2a2 e2e/f/g|a2a2 e2e/f/g|f2ed e^f/e/ d^c|1 d3d d3A:|2 d2d^c defa||
|:g2g g2 gfe|g2g g2 gfe|ga/g/ fg/f/ ef/e/ de/d/|^c2^cB ^cdef|ga/g/ fg/f/ ef/e/ de/d/|
^c2^cB ^cdef|ga/g/ fg/f/ ef/e/ de|1 f2ed e2d^c|d2d^c defa:|2 fAdf eA^ce|d2d^c defg||
|:a2a a2 aaa|a2a a2 aaa|^gabc' d'c'ba|bc'/b/ a2 bc'/b/ ab/a/|^gabc' d'c'ba|
bc'/b/ a2 bc'/b/ ab/a/|^gabc' bagf|ef^ga gfed|fg/f/ ed ef/e/ d^c|1 d2 d^c defg:|2 d2d^c d3A||
X: 2
T: A Redl
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:EA^GA BcBA|e2e2 B2cd|e2e2 B2cd|c2BA B2A^G|A2e2 c2A2|
EA^GA BcBA|e2e2 B2cd|e2e2 B2cd|c2BA B2A^G|1 A2A^G A3E:|2 A2A^G ABce||
|:d2d d2 dcB|d2d d2 dcB|d2c2 B2A2|B2BA ^GABc|d2c2 B2A2|
B2BA ^GABc|d2c2 B2AB|c2BA B2A^G|1 A2A^G ABce:|2 A2A^G ABcd||
|:e2e e2 edc|e2e e2 ed^c|defg agfe|f2e2 f2e2|defg agfe|
f2e2 f2e2|defg fedc|Bcde dcBA|c2BA B2A^G|1 A2 A^G ABcd:|2 A2A^G A3E||

Two comments

A Redl

Traditional Klezmer tune, from the playing of Irish accordion player Daire Mulhern.

From his SoundCloud page (first tune):

A “Redl” is a Klezmer tune type, and apparently, this one was mislabeled. According to an old manuscript, this tune is a “Volich”, another Klezmer tune type.

It’s played in a more Klezmer style by Margot Leverett & The Kezmer Mountain Boys.