The Hollow Rock waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Hollow Rock
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:CD|"C"E2D2C2|"F"F2A2 GF|"C"E2G2c2|"Am"e4 ga|
"G"g2f2e2|"F"f2A2B2|"C"e2c2A2|"G"G4 CD|
"C"E2D2C2|"F"F2A2 GF|"C"E2G2c2|"Am"e4 ga|
"G"g2f2e2|"F"f2A2B2|"C"c3 d cB|c4:|
|:gg|"C"c'2e2e2|"F"b2f2f2|"C"a2g2^f2|g4 ga|
"G"g2f2e2|"F"f2A2B2|"C"e2c2A2|"G"G4 gg|
"C"c'2e2e2|"F"b2f2f2|"C"a2g2^f2|g4 ga|
"G"g2f2e2|"F"f2A2B2|"C"c3 d cB|c4:|
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Three comments

This one is played together with Britches full of stitches ( on "Essential Irish Folk Collection" (not a good album, but it has some good tunes).

I think the combination waltz/polka is quite fun… Perhaps not very dance-friendly, but entertaining.

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I often finish this one by playing both parts just once (AABB AABB AB or something like that).

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The playing on the Essential Irish folk collection of this tune is Tom Moran.Tom said he got this tune from an old timey american band the Hollowrock string band.He couldnt remember the name of the waltz so he called it the Hollow Rock after the band.So there 😉

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