Pamela Rose Grant strathspey

By Alasdair Fraser

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Two settings

Sheet MusicC7FB♭C7FDmGmC7
Sheet MusicFB♭C7FC/EDmGmC7
Sheet MusicC7FDmB♭F/AGmC7FDmB♭GmC7
Sheet MusicFDmB♭C7FDmGmC7
Sheet MusicA7DGA7DBmEmA7
Sheet MusicDGA7DA/C♯BmEmA7
Sheet MusicA7DBmGD/F♯EmA7DBmGEmA7
Sheet MusicDBmGA7DBmEmA7

Eight comments

Re: Pamela Rose Grant

Shouldn’t the key be Bb and the transposition G?

Re: Pamela Rose Grant - Key?

I do not know the answer. In the original setting, the tune ends on B flat, but I do not feel that the tune resolves to B flat. Scottish tunes, in particular, do not always end on the tonic. It’s part of the charm of this tune that it leaves you in anticipation at the end of each part. There’s a feeling of uncertainty about whether it’s a major or minor tune or a modal tune.

On the CD Dawn Dance, Alasdair Fraser ends a rather elaborate arrangement on a C natural. I’ll leave it to those with a better knowledge of musical theory to judge. It’s a lovely tune.

Re: Pamela Rose Grant

Philip, your keys are correct. As you know, more often than not a tune will resolve to its root note, but this tune isn’t one of them.

Re: Pamela Rose Grant

Hi Philip, in the D setting you might want to change the “Gg” chords to “G” and the “D/F” chords to “D/F#”. I wonder what I played on Monday night?

Re: Pamela Rose Grant

My apologies, your keys are correct, don’t know what I was thinking there!

Re: Pamela Rose Grant - chords corrected.

Thanks DonaldK, that’s sorted.