The Wind In The Woods jig

By Máirtín O’Connor

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Wind In The Woods
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
c2 c dcB|c2 A- Ace|dcB ^ABc|d2 B- B2 f|gfg aeg|fcd gdf|
eBc fce|d zd =fed|cA/B/c dBd|cA^G Ace|dcB ^ABc|d2 B- B2 f|
gba g^de|fag fcd|efg e^ga|^gd'c' bag|a2 a ^gea|^gd'c' bag|
b2 a z ab||=c'ba a^ge|^gab a2 z||[K:Bb] bag f=ed|^cd=e f zf|dcB AGF|
GBA GF=E|FAG F=Ed|^cd=e f zf|d2 c =Bcd|e2 c- ced|c2 B ABc|
d2 B- Bcd|ede fce|dAB eBd|c^GA dcA|Bdc BAG|^FDF G=EG|
^FDF GAB|AFA BGB|AFA Bcd|:edc =Bcd|ede cAc|dcB ABc|
d2 d BGB|c2 c ABG|^Fed cBA|edc BcA|G(3A/B/c/d g3:|

Two comments

The Wind In The Woods

A tune by Mairtín O’Connor in his 1993 album “Chatterbox”, transcripted from Matt Molloy’s version in 1996 album “Shadows on Stone”.
It’s a bit tricky tune, with a change of key in the middle. I’m not sure first part is actually in DMaj, but it was the best key to write it down with less accidentals.
Enjoy it!

Re: The Wind In The Woods

It’s certainly an interesting tune to learn,though a hard one,too. So many half finggering and key change. The melody is just like the wind, erratic,imaginative. Just love it.