The Wind In The Woods jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Wind In The Woods
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
c2 c dcB | c2 A- Ace | dcB ^ABc | d2 B- B2 f | gfg aeg |
fcd gdf |$ eBc fce | d zd =fed | cA/B/c dBd | cA^G Ace |
dcB ^ABc | d2 B- B2 f |$ gba g^de | fag fcd | efg e^ga |
^gd'c' bag | a2 a ^gea | ^gd'c' bag |$ b2 a z ab || =c'ba a^ge |
^gab a2 z ||[K:Bb] bag f=ed | ^cd=e f zf | dcB AGF |$ GBA GF=E |
FAG F=Ed | ^cd=e f zf | d2 c =Bcd | e2 c- ced | c2 B ABc |
$ d2 B- Bcd | ede fce | dAB eBd | c^GA dcA | Bdc BAG |
^FDF G=EG |$ ^FDF GAB | AFA BGB | AFA Bcd |: edc =Bcd |
ede cAc | dcB ABc |$ d2 d BGB | c2 c ABG | ^Fed cBA |
edc BcA | G(3A/B/c/d g3 :|

One comment

The Wind In The Woods

A tune by Mairtín O’Connor in his 1993 album "Chatterbox", transcripted from Matt Molloy’s version in 1996 album "Shadows on Stone".
It’s a bit tricky tune, with a change of key in the middle. I’m not sure first part is actually in DMaj, but it was the best key to write it down with less accidentals.
Enjoy it!