Two recordings of
The Fisherman’s Island
In Memory Of Coleman

The Fisherman’s Island (reel) is also known as Ed Reavy’s, Ed Reavy’s Favourite, Reavy’s No. 2, Reavy’s No. 9, Reavy’s No.9, Reevey’s.

In Memory Of Coleman (reel) is also known as A Tribute To Coleman, A Tribute To Morrison, In Memory Of Michael Coleman, Reavy’s Tribute To Coleman, Tribute To Morrison.

healing: a quarantine solo album by Ryan Dakota Farris

  1. The Fisherman’s Island
  2. In Memory Of Coleman
  3. The Hunter’s House

Heart on a String by Haley Richardson

  1. Fisherman’s Island
  2. In Memory Of Michael Coleman
  3. Shoemaker’s Daughter