Ian Green Of Greentrax reel

By Gordon Duncan

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ian Green Of Greentrax
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
a2|:BccB A2BA-|Accd e2cA|AddA defg|f2e2 e3d|
BccB A2BA-|Accd e2dc|cddc AAAG|1 A4 A2a2:|2 A4 Aeef||
|:g2e2 e3f|geef geag|f2e2 e3f|geef g2ae|
g2e2 e3f|geef g2ag|eAdc AAAG|1 A4 Aeef:|2 A4 A2a2||
|:AccA ccAc|cAdA ccAd|dAeA ddAe|eAdA eAdc|
AccA ccAc|cAdA ccce|cddc AAAG|1 A4 A2a2:|2 A4 Aeef||
|:g2e2 e3f|geef geae|g2e2 e2dA|edAf dAaA|
g2e2 e3f|geef g2ag|eAdc AAAG|1 A4 Aeef:|2 A4 A2||

Seven comments

Ian Green Of Greentrax

I was walking behind a young piper at the AUOB march in Ayr on Saturday and he played this tune (followed by Chasing Shadows by Philip Greer). I was surprised not to find it already here on site.

This is a Gordon Duncan tune. Pipers would call it a hornpipe because it is played rounded rather than pointed (that’s pipe speak for straight rather than dotted) but to the rest of us it’s a reel. (Modern competition piping dictates that reels are played somewhat like fast strathspeys or (non-pipe) hornpipes.)

I’ve started the transcription with a high A to fit in with the repeats but pipers would invariably start with an E.
I think Gordon Duncan is throwing birls on the crotchet (quarter note) A notes in the first part.
In the third part second time round repeat Gordon Duncan plays something like:
BccB c/c/cBc|cBc/c/c BccB|d/d/dcd dcd/d/d|cddc d/d/dcd|
BccB c/c/cBc|cBc/c/c Bcce|cddc AAAG|A4
Fiddlers might choose to play F# rather than low A as the last note in the fourth bar of the last part.

Re: Ian Green Of Greentrax

Great tune. Gordon used to affectionately refer to Ian as "the Boss"

For those who don’t know, Ian is a highly respected individual on the Scottish Folk Scene.
In the late sixties, he was the main player in "Fuzz Folk"(Police Folk Club) with which he was involved for ten years during which time he also co-founded(with others) The Edinburgh Folk Club. He was also heavily involved in running Edinburgh Folk Festival in its early days.
On retirement from the "day job" in 1985, Ian started his own record company "Greentrax" and the rest is history.

Re: Ian Green Of Greentrax

And is still doing, notably the recent Malinky 20 year anniversary double CD "Handsel" and the soon-to-be-released Dick Gaughan album of the "Harvard Tapes": available to pre-order on his
Ian’s website: www.greentrax.com And many more excellent and recent releases.

On a personal note, he was generous in sponsoring a number of our TMSA events (Traditional Music and Song Association of Scotland).

Re: Ian Green Of Greentrax

"Ian Green of Greentrax" is a nice title for a tune celebrating an excellent man (haven’t come across him but have read appreciations). It’s good that 3 recordings have been made of his tune.

Re: Ian Green Of Greentrax

That’s only on the recordings which have been posted here, and 2 of them are by Gordon Duncan himself. I think there may be more.

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Re: Ian Green Of Greentrax

Aye, there’s another seven albums on iTunes in addition to the three listed here.