The Brolum reel

By Dr. Charles Bannatyne

Also known as The Brollum.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Brolum
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
uf|e2 (ce) fefa|A2 (cB) ceef|e2 (ce) fefa|B2 (ce) fBBf|
e2 (ce) fefa|A2 (cB) ceef|ecae f2 (ec)|B2 (cB) AA A:|
e|A2 (cA) eAcA|A2 (cB) ceef|A2 (cA) eAcA|B2 (ce) fBBe|
A2 (cA) eAcA|A2 (cB) ceef|ecae f2 (ec)|B2 (cB) AA A:|
e|a2 (af) e2 (ce)|A2 (cB) ceef|a2 (af) e2 (ce)|B2 (ce) fBBe|
a2 (af) e2 (ce)|A2 (cB) ceef|ecae f2 (ec)|B2 (cB) AA A:|
e|AAAc AAAc|A2 (cB) ceef|AAAc AAAc|B2 (ce) fBBe|
AAAc AAAc|A2 (cB) ceef|ecae f2 (ec)|B2 (cB) AA A:|
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Seven comments

The Brolum

Written by Dr Charles Bannaty. I’ve included four parts, but this is one of these session tunes that could (and frequently seems to) go on forever, with each player adding another variation, key shift etc.

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It’s a great reel though, easy to play and fun to dance to.
I usually hear it start off rather slowly and then it picks up up the pace rather quickly.. The final time around it’s played with so much zeal and enthusiasm that you usually get a nice applause.

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The Brolum

I agree Air’leth - good session reel. I just meant that the variation possibilities are large - also my stamina probably isn’t what it should be!

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The Brolum

Forgot to add ( for like-minded anoraks) - named after Rudha Brolum (Brollum), a point on the SE coast of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

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Re: Brolum

‘The Brolum’, Scottish Bagpipe Reel was composed by Dr Charles Bannatyne M.B., C.M. of Lanarkshire, Scotland, who composed a number of Marches, Strathspeys and Reels. He died in 1924.

Re: The Brolum

What other tunes do people play with this reel? I think it would be a great tune to end a set, but it needs something in G or D preceding it.